Own nothing & be happy...

Our vision is to create a better everyday life on Stacks for all to accomplish more… and to become the most memed token, anchored to Bitcoin, in the world. Welcome to $NOT where the power of simplicity meets the innovation of Web3. In a world of complex tokens and volatile markets, $NOT offers a refreshing approach—do NOTHING and be happy. Join us in the Web3 revolution and let's create a world where NOTHING is everything.


Token Information

Upgrade and $NOT Wrapper

The Nothing token, also known as micro-nothing ($MNO), was created at block 5235 in the Stacks (STX) ecosystem. It was the first usable coin in the ecosystem before the SIP-010 standard existed. $MNO had a max supply of 100 trillion tokens, all minted at deployment and distributed among different addresses.

During the token distribution, 95% were given to the most active members of the Stacks community through a random selection process. An additional 1% was allocated for listing on Alex, while the team retained 4% of the total supply.

The airdrop occurred in two phases: 4,500 recipients received 14B tokens directly, amounting to 65T. The remaining tokens were distributed through a claim system open for first-come, first-served claims for one week and then available for everyone afterward. This resulted in an additional 20.6T being distributed.

Lost tokens, accounting for 11T, posed a considerable risk to the project. In response, the community agreed to implement the current wrapper ($NOT) to mitigate potential dump risks.


  • Launch & Deploy $WMNO

    Launch and deploy the $WMNO token on the Stacks blockchain.

  • Airdrop to 4500 Active Stacks Wallets

    Conduct an airdrop of $WMNO to 4500 active Stacks wallets to distribute tokens to the community.

  • Public Claim of $WNMO

    Allow the public to claim $WNMO tokens through a transparent and accessible process.

  • Build a Community

    Develop and grow a community around the $WMNO and $NOT tokens, fostering engagement and collaboration.

  • Wrap $WMNO - $NOT

    Convert $WMNO tokens to $NOT tokens through the wrapping process, ensuring compatibility with the Stacks ecosystem.

  • List $NOT on ALEX DEX

    List the $NOT token on the ALEX decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading and liquidity.

  • Build Community Website

    Create a dedicated website for the community to access information, resources, and updates about the project.

  • Launch full-scale community growth campaign

    Implement a comprehensive campaign to grow and engage the community, including marketing, events, and outreach efforts.

  • Launch Official NFT Collection

    Introduce an official collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with the project, offering unique digital assets to the community.

  • Partnership and Collaboration

    Explore partnerships and collaborations with other projects, platforms, or organizations to enhance the project's reach and impact.

  • List $NOT on First CEX

    List the $NOT token on the first centralized exchange (CEX) for broader accessibility and trading options.

  • Expand Community Outreach

    Expand efforts to reach and engage with a wider audience, including through social media, forums, and events.

  • More TBA

    Continue to develop and announce additional initiatives and milestones as the project progresses.

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